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What Should I Do If I Cannot Compress My Proof Of Funds Documents?

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What Should I Do If I Cannot Compress My Proof Of Funds Documents?

It is recommended not to withdraw the money and maintain the balance until you reach to Canada. Further, this is generally punjabi typical mentality to do such activities in order to get visa to Canada anyway. Please be fair and don't spoil the name of the country. Don't get into a show-off but be real what you are in fact.

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If they understand then accept the advice. When travelling the border be careful as many officials will know, and you will be facing a lot of problems. If you want to buy the border fees in one place then a good place to start is from Mumbai to Delhi. Make sure that if you are in the U.P. you don't have visas with you. You can apply online through a Visa Center here. From Mumbai, you will have to pay the fees in Delhi. There are some people in India who can help you with getting the visa at the border but be careful as they are usually only Indian nationals. Don't take them for a ride. Also, the website is the right place to get the official visa letter with entry into Canada. You can get the visa directly in Delhi. Just go to the main India-India border crossing. The border area is.

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