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How Do I Compress PDF Files Without Loss?

This question could be [mis]taken several ways, but. A number of tools exist, but none that I recommend. pdf compressor - Google Search Typically, PDF is not a particularly compact representation, although a patient expert can craft amazingly compact PDFs for some pages. In general, one could try rendering a PDF, then apply a battery of compressions to that output, selecting the most successful,

Compress PDF: All You Need to Know

One problem with PDF is that in some situations, the compression is poor. This could include images too small to be useful, and text too badly compressed by the algorithm. There is no native tool to reduce images to smaller sizes (e.g. without generating a new PDF at the same size, even if the original images are compressed). You could use ImageOptim to apply compression to a few selected images, and render a “compressed” PDF from them. Note that this is not recommended for general use because it's very computationally intensive, and generally produces worse quality; and because the resulting output is not generally suitable for general presentation in web apps. PY2 — Google File Downloader Similar to the above, Google File Downloader (GIF) allows for the generation and use of compressed (e.g. PNG) images.  However, these images are not suitable for general web browsing — and it's difficult.

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