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Http.// is a good alternative to PDF. You can upload there your screenshots and give a unique link of the complete project to your client. Is very usefull and easy to use.

Compress PDF: All You Need to Know

Make Your PDFs Look Good While your photos may look professional, make sure you're doing them justice. The best way to get the “proper” look and feel is by creating some good-looking, polished images. You've got two options for doing this: You can work with some image editor, or (assuming you don't already have one) spend some time with a free image editing plugin, such as the free Adobe Photoshop Elements Some examples of professional-looking photos are displayed below, with the text rendered in bold: As a last resort, here's some work-in-progress screenshots of some of my photos which have not yet received the proper Photoshop treatment: Once you have made your photos look good, it's your responsibility to do something about the color balance. Color balance is important, but it's not just about looking good. Color balance can make a print look like it was made on a low-quality display, or look better-looking.

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