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Is It Possible To Compress A PDF Without Losing Data Or Compromising?

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Is It Possible To Compress A PDF Without Losing Data Or Compromising?

Most likely you will not be able to shrink a PDF by 92% without unacceptable loss of quality and information. Depends on what is in the PDF file (images and/or text), and whether or not it is compressed. Most PDF files are compressed. A possibility is that a lot of PDF creation software uses inefficient and redundant storage methods, and can add a lot of clutter. Optimizing the PDFs t create can reduce file size a great deal, but probably not 90%, more like 50%. Also, the PDF format is pretty wasteful at text storage. If you copy all the text to a plain text file, and compress that, you might be able to reduce the size a great deal, maybe even as much as the nearly 92% you want. You will lose almost all the formatting, and it won’t be a PDF any more, it will be plain text. PDFs handle images in a variety of ways. If it has images, and t are in a raw form, t can be converted to a lossy form, possibly shrinking as much as 90% without too noticeable a loss of quality. If the images are already in a lossy form, throwing out 90% of what’s left will almost certainly reduce the quality to unacceptably poor levels.

Compress PDF: All You Need to Know

It is better to just use the lossy data and hope that you have more than enough information for the desired image size. Note: You can have images in your PDF, but the PDF can not be compressed. If you have the option, compress before creating the PDF. If you have only plain text with no images, you can often increase the quality of your final PDF by t taking the lossy images out of the PDF. What is lossy compression? It is simply t taking the image size of the PDF, and t then resizing it into something smaller and lighter in relation to the original file, and discarding the rest. This technique may increase the size of the PDF file, possibly lessening the amount of storage used, but t will lose the most important elements of the PDF including its text and images. Another possible.

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