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How Do I Compress Any PDF File To A Fixed Size?

PDFelement 8 i guess is the Best software available these days to compress file of PDF files without any issue. Mostly software’s unable to handle the heavy PDF file whether and unable to compress the size also. Output result will be 10 % compress only but with this software you will be able to compress PDF file to very large extend. It has a feature called optimize PDF which allow you to compress a size of PDF file in three ways i.e. High Medium Low Quality of output file depends on these three. If you choose Low you will get maximum compress with less quality. Similarly other two operate. You can download it from the official site of the company and use it easily. No training required to use it. Here you can see the options High, medium and low. I have selected medium and compression has performed accordingly. Click on the open to see the output result.

Compress PDF: All You Need to Know

Many formats, such as tiff, PDF, etc, are perfectly happy to get rid of a lot of what makes the files worthwhile, as long as it doesn't affect its performance in any way. If your goal is to store only text, a simple (and much cheaper) way to do that is convert t to a text file first. It will still have the image info from the PDF, if it uses one, which it might. Then read the text to recover the lost image information. This may be done with any text editor. Most of the time you can recover text easily enough. If your goal is to store only text, and you can do so with no loss of storage or performance, then there should be no reason NOT to. The fact that PDFs usually use pretty wasteful methods to store the information for images is less of.

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