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PDF is a versatile cross-platform file kind designed by Adobe® Systems using PostScript language. The document’s display does not rely on an operating system or viewing software. It is uniform on every device.
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In 2008, PDF file became a global common (ISO 32000-1: 2008). The format shows 2D files with text, vector images, interactive components, links, and video. The consumer can set up various passwords or electronic signatures to protect papers.
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How to compress PDF online:

Enter our website on any mobile or desktop device.
Browse for the needed document on your internal or cloud storage.
Open the data file in the up-to-date web-based editor.
Add text and images anywhere on the pages.
Place the advanced fillable fields for signatures, initials, calculated fields.
Sign and date the template.
Reduce PDF size, preserving the quality of content.
Save changes by clicking the Done button.

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We’ve listed the best alternatives and their features in a single comparison chart for you. Choose the right PDF compression tools that suite your needs.
Compress PDF Online
Soda PDF
Rotate PDF
Compress PDF
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Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
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eSign PDF
Protect PDF
Password PDF
Unlock PDF
Share PDF
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What Our Customers Say

Loan Originator
It's extremely flexible. I used it at home for myself and even for work. Navigating it is super easy and once a PDF is loaded, I can compress it with the click of a button.
For me, it's a very useful tool for multi-format conversions with excellent quality. I love that I don't need to download it to my computer.
First of all, the converter has a very simple interface and I can use it from Google Chrome on my smartphone. I've never used a tool that compressed PDFs so well on mobile.

Compress PDF online without compromising its quality

Use our ultimate PDF compression online tool for your files being smaller yet with high excellence.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to compress PDF online using your browser

PDF is highly valued for being convenient in sharing documents with text and graphic information while eliminating unauthorized editing of their content. Scanning or saving big files with high resolution usually makes them cumbrous taking up a lot of space on a device. Moreover, they're slow in processing and hard to share on the web especially when it comes to emailing. Reducing the size of a document may lead to a quality loss. We have a good solution for you on how to compress PDF online maintaining it perfect for viewing, printing, and sharing.
Make these simple steps:
Open in a browser.
Drag a sample and drop it into a highlighted area. Wait a few seconds until its loading.
Apply extra changes, if needed.
Click Done and Save as to download it.
Check the new file: its size was reduced automatically upon saving.
As you see, with our tool it practically takes only a couple of clicks to compress PDF file size. Besides rapid compression, the service has also a range of additional benefits. It contains a full-featured editor for PDF adjustments of any kind. You can easily add or even edit the original text, insert images, rotate or split pages, protect your document with watermarks, and sign it electronically. It's a cloud-based tool so be confident for your data being well protected. Try it now!

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How to compress PDF online in MS Windows

The last versions of Windows OS use the Edge browser as a default tool for viewing PDFs. It has a very limited number of tools for processing such documents, like highlighting the lines or zooming the screen. Other modifications, including compressing PDF files, require installing third-party software or using a specific web tool. The market is full of various services and it may be difficult to choose the right one. We recommend you to try our ultimate online platform that's fast, secure, and extremely easy to use.
Guide on how to reduce PDF size in Windows:
Open your browser and go to our website.
Upload a sample to reduce. You can drag and drop it to the highlighted area or select it from either a device or the cloud.
Edit your document with extra tools, if needed.
Click on the Done button in the right top corner of the screen.
Choose the Save as option on the right panel to download the doc. It will be shrunk automatically.
That's it! With no installation, you have your large PDFs compressed in just a couple of seconds. No need to set up criteria for a file reduction manually or compromise image quality. Your new document will look just like the original one and preserve a high resolution with less file size. PDF compression goes fast and securely as the service works from the cloud, and your data can't be viewed or copied by third parties. The service also provides you with an up-to-date editor to apply the most essential changes to your samples. Start to benefit now!

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How to compress PDF online on a Mac

The macOS users are luckier compared to those who work in Windows, as they can easily operate with Portable Document Format without installing third-party software. Working on a Mac, you can use the Preview built-in application that allows modifying graphic images and forms offline. Set it as default for PDFs to view and change your samples quickly and safely. Use this desktop app for large-size document and compress the file in just a few simple clicks to make it compact and save up space on a device.
Follow the instructions below:
Open a PDF with Preview.
Click File on the top toolbar.
Select Export from the option list.
Choose Quartz Filter and select Reduce File Size from the dropdown.
Save the sample.
The undisputed advantage of Mac is that it has native software that guarantees totally safe work with PDFs offline and from any place. However, despite being easy and quick, sometimes Preview can lessen file size too much, degrading the quality of images and making them blurry. Our ultimate online service will help you avoid such losses. All you need is an internet connection and minimum time. In addition, there's a user-friendly full-featured editor for the most professional adjustments of your forms. Take advantage now!

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How to compress PDF online using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Systems is famous for having created a Portable Document Format, and its Acrobat software is quite popular for operating and modifying such files. It has a desktop application as well as an online platform with all basic tools for a safe form editing, including PDF compression. If you've never used it before, try out a trial version but keep in mind that it's available for 7 days only. After that, you'll need to buy a subscription. Let's have a look at how to reduce the file size through this soft.
Here's the quick guide:
Open a document you want to shrink.
Choose File from the top menu bar.
Click on Save As Other.
Select Reduce Size PDF.
Save the changes.
With online Adobe Acrobat service, the compression goes automatically after the file's uploaded. Generally, it's a quite good and safe tool. Anyway, should you find it costly or lacking some essential features, try out our up-to-date and user-friendly service. It's not only a tool to compact files, but also an all-in-one web platform with a built-in full-featured editor. In just a couple of clicks, you'll add text, images, and fillable fields to your sample; rotate, split, delete pages, e-sign your document, and reduce its size just upon saving. It's easy, fast, and secure. Experience its benefits right now!

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How to compress PDF online?
Use the robust web-based compressor It helps resize documents fast, easy, and free. First, upload a Portable Document Format. Next, click on the Compress now. Finally, save it or export it to cloud storage. If you need to edit the doc, use an online editor.
How to compress PDF file?
You can resize Portable Document Format in several ways. Here are some of them: For Mac users start Preview, click on File -> Export -> Quartz Filter -> Reduce Full Size. If you have Acrobat Reader installed, open a doc, click on Tools -> Optimize PDF -> Reduce File Size. For Windows users go to, import a doc, press the orange button to resize it, and afterward export the doc.
How to compress PDF file on Mac?
Mac users can resize Portable Document Format via Preview. Just open a doc. Select File ->Export. Next, go to Quartz Filter menu and click Reduce Full Size. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with a result, use the, which integrates with Mac.
How to compress PDF file in Adobe?
Reducing size by Adobe Reader is very easy and comfortable. Open a document, choose Tools -> Optimize PDF. Next, select Reduce File Size. Optionally, you can use and resize documents online and for free in three clicks without using additional software.
How to compress PDF file without losing quality?
Use It keeps quality and format close to the original. You can use it from desktop and mobile. Import a Portable Document Format, press the orange button, and export a resized document back to cloud storage. You can also use an online editor to modify the doc.
How to compress PDF file offline?
To resize Portable Document Format offline you need to use either a stand-alone software program? Or the one that features compression. Choosing among a variety of programs, consider Adobe Acrobat Reader. With its help you can reduce the size of PDF by clicking on Tools -> Optimize PDF -> Reduce File Size.
How do I resize PDF?
There are myriad ways to resize Portable Document Format, starting from special software and finishing with online platforms, like Web-based platforms in the most majority are free and don’t require personal data. They also integrate with all major platforms and allow processing docs on computers, cell phones, and tablets. Simply upload a doc, press the Compress button, and export it back to the cloud storage system.
How do I make a PDF smaller, so that I can upload it?
To make a Portable Document Format smaller you have to choose the right solution: an online converter, as, or a software program as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Also if you are a Mac user, there is an option to resize a Portable Document Format with the help of a built-in Preview program. Just choose File -> Export -> Quartz Filter Menu -> Reduce Full Size.
How to reduce scanned PDF file size?
For online converters like it doesn’t matter is a Portable Document Format scanned or not. The web-based platform will resize it fast and easily. Upload a scanned document, click on Compress Now and save the doc. The service guarantees high-quality processing of the doc.