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In your visa application you will be asked to upload many documents for your application and the maximum size for each file that you are going to upload is four megabytes the canadian immigration accepts many different file formats in this video i am going to show you the best tips to create a high resolution four megabyte pdf file please note that pdf is the best format of files that allows you to upload many supporting documents so that you can increase your chances of visa approval please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon for more videos let's do the following steps to create a high resolution pdf file step 1 scan all your documents that you need to include in your visa application letter and save them as jpg or png files step 2 we are going to use this website to reduce the size of the images that we scanned i will show the website now please keep watching and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon for more videos step 3 copy the reduced images and paste them where you want them to appear in your microsoft word document step 4 when your microsoft word file is ready save it as a pdf file please make sure to choose the option standard when saving as pdf step 5 compress your pdf file i love pdf is the most popular website that helps you create a low size and high quality pdf file i will show you how to do this now please hit the subscribe button now for more videos and if you have any question or you need help with your sop feel free to email me at how to reach canada remember subscription is free let's reduce our image using here i have one image in my downloads folder of 2.48 megabyte Music size Music you can either click on select image or drag and drop your image here Music the original size of our image is 2.48 megabytes now let's choose new size and format i would like to use only 10 of the original size and the same format and then click resize the new size is only 17.11 kilobytes this is wonderful we have reduced our image from 2.48 megabytes in few seconds to 17.11 kilobytes now click on download and get your resized image now we have two images of the same quality but completely different sizes reducing image size doesn't reduce image quality although it may lose some very small details if it becomes too small let's place both of our images in a microsoft word document to compare their Music qualities Music well done we managed to reduce the size of our image from 2.48 megabytes which is 2480 kilobytes to 17.11 kilobytes without losing any quality or details at all and now our microsoft word file is ready to be saved as pdf now ...